Premium White Tea 2021

Loose, whole-leaf Jersey tea


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10 grams


We are incredibly happy with our white tea. It is quite beguiling, with wonderful floral notes that linger on the palate and induce a sense of closed-eye calm. It’s simply very special. We made various batches over the 2020 season, adjusting the variables as we went – the picking time of day, the length and temperature of the wither – and many just did not make the grade. 2021 we’ve found the sweet spot and, oh boy, this is a tea we’d like to never sell and put in our own stash forever. Which wouldn’t be very clever, so we’re sharing.


Two leaves and a bud are plucked, withered and dried. It sounds so simple but it’s notoriously hard to get right. The leaves are better earlier in our season for making white tea and later, when they seem hardier, the leaves are better suited to making black tea.

Brewing Guide


Summer meadows, lilies, seductive


From Mrs Pipon, Simpson and Gorey Hill Gardens in Jersey


May – September 2021

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