Late Season Green 2021

☆ Winner of Gourmet Product at the 2021 AVPA Global Tea awards in Paris ☆

Loose, whole leaf, Jersey tea


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15 grams


Our pan-fired green tea has fragrant tropical fruit on the nose, a mild, clean, slightly grassy and gentle palate with hints of green bean.
“It has a wonderful creamy character” “A tremendous tea” As featured on BBC Saturday Kitchen by Olly Smith
This appealing green tea is low in bitterness and astringency, even when steeped in water that’s hotter than recommended. So, for those who think they don’t like green tea and find it mouth puckering, we’d encourage you to give ours a try!


One of the defining features of green tea making is the firing process. To maintain the green colour of a green tea, our leaves are heated in a wok to kill the enzymes that cause browning of the leaves, or oxidation. The effect it to preserve the simple polyphenols of the leaf, which give green tea its distinctive more raw and vegetal flavour.

Brewing Guide


Vegetal, creamy, soft cinnamon


From Mrs Pipon, Simpson and Gorey Hill Gardens in Jersey


July – August 2021

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