Limited Edition Mint Green Tea 2021

Limited edition Mint Green Tea, with Spearmint and Moroccan mint from Les Herbes De St Pierre


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15 grams


Our ‘Mint Green’ has a soft  aroma that evokes vegetal, buttered and marine notes complimented with Moroccan mint and spearmint from local Jersey company Les Herbes de St. Pierre. This combination offers a very delicate and refreshing palate. To view their other selections of herbal infusions and culinary delights, please visit Les Herbes De St Pierre


We proceed in the same way as for the manufacture of our premium green with an addition of blending dried Moroccan mint and spearmint. This collaboration of elegant local products brings out the brightest flavours of Jersey terroir.”

Brewing Guide


Refreshing, Marine, Cooling


From Mrs Pipon, Simpson, and Gorey Hill Gardens, and Les Herbes de St Pierre Garden St. Peter, Jersey


June 2021

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