Premium Black Tea 2021

☆ Winner of Gourmet Product at the 2021 AVPA Global Tea awards in Paris ☆

Loose, whole leaf, Jersey tea


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Our black tea has a sweet and fruity aroma. The flavour is light, slightly woody with toasty notes and hints of roasted sweet potato. The texture is smooth. A very attractive tea.

On tasting our Premium Black, Andrew Jefford, acclaimed drinks writer and broadcaster, and columnist for Decanter and World of Fine Wine, commented:
“This is a great product which deserves wide acclaim.”
Jefford’s tasting notes:
Fine, dark long twists – very attractive fresh sweet floral scents in the packet: clean, characterful and appetising. Flowers and hop-kettle fruits – fresh, sweet, pristine, warming, creamy and faintly malty scents in the liquor … very attractive – soft, tender, very gently flavoured but full of charm and poise. Subtle, sweetly, fragrant black tea with a high-latitude tenderness to it. Impressive.


Unlike green tea, black tea is deliberately oxidised to encourage flavour development and browning of the leaves. Oxidation, by the way, is not a bad thing. It’s an integral part of making black tea, which encourages the transformation of simple polyphenols in the leaves to longer more complex ones with a richer flavour profile. As our leaves are large, compared to CTC (crush, tear, curl) tea, which produces small leaf particles suitable for a tea bag, the finished leaves do not develop as dark a colour, and the liquor is relatively paler. Large leaves will also release fewer bitter flavours and astringent tannins. The result is a sweeter cup, with a nuanced and interesting flavour profile. A proud achievement for this young Jersey tea company.

Brewing Guide


Smooth, malty-sweet, complex


From Mrs Pipon, Simpson and Gorey Hill Gardens in Jersey


May – September 2021

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