Tastings & Events

Brewing Jersey Fine Tea Green Tea with a Gaiwan


An Introduction to Tea

Where: Highlands College, Philip Mourant Centre 
When: 12 June, 14.00-16.00

Our tea sommelier Eunice Pallot will be hosting this fun introduction to tea as part of Highlands’ Leisure Learning programme. Taste tea styles from across the world, learn how they are made and appreciate their differences. 
For more information or to enrol, call Highlands directly on 608632 or click here.


Exploration of Jersey Tea Tour

Where: Trinity, JERSEY
When: Coming Soon

Duration: 2.5 hours
Price: £35 per person

Want to find out more about tea in Jersey? Come on one of our tours! We will meet at our processing facility and take a small bus to one of our three tea gardens here in Jersey. After a walk in one our serene fields, we will come back to the processing site to go over the details and intricacies of making tea. We will finish off by enjoying a tasting of the Jersey Fine Tea collection.

We will be following all Jersey COVID compliance regulations. Email at us at hello@jerseyfinetea.com if you have any restrictions or need special accommodation.

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